Patrick Beger

My Eportfolio

Here you will find the work I made in my Writing Minor Capstone course.  From the Writer's Evolution Essay to the Final Project, everything important can be found in here. 

Writing Minor
Academic Writing

Academic writing consists of a few of my favorite pieces of writing that I created while at U of M. This writing is argumentative, persuasive and well researched. 

Professional Writing

I have interned for the Sierra Club: Beyond Coal -- Michigan Chapter, The Ecology Center, Consumers Energy, and more. Some of my writing can be found online in the form of blog posts and web content. Here you will find links and additional info. 

There are a few things you should know before exploring my e-portfolio, but first let me explain why I love this picture. I didn't take it and that is not my bike, but it easily could have been. I have visited Mackinac Island many times in life and it always captures my imagination. The history excites me and allows me to dream of a different time, while the beautiful scenery and easy going atmosphere quickly eases my anxiety and puts me at peace. 


I believe this picture serves as a good metahpor to shape my e-portfolio. Looking through some of my older pieces of writing was like looking back in time. But since then, I've done some exploring. I've tried new things. I've written fiction. I've written social science research articles. I've written personal, professional and environmental communication pieces. Overall, this type of exploring was necessary for my evolution as a writer. It has allowed me to discover what motivates me and my writer's evolution essay on the Writing Minor page highlights that. 


Writing has allowed me to see that I have a strong desire to improve the world around me. This feeling is summed up very well in a quote by Alice Walker that goes "activism is the price I pay for living on this planet." I enjoy working in environments that give me a sense of fufillment and more than just a paycheck.  


Finally, I have learned that in life, there will always be more problems to solve and more people to help,

so it is very important to enjoy the ride.



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